We're building a smart, driven team of people who are passionate about making the world more productive, happy and collaborative

Here are some of the aspects of our internal culture

Product Design is a central focus for everyone
Working here will give you the first-hand experience of seeing the craft of designing high-quality products - the process of thinking of vague concepts and ideas, validating them and bringing them into clarity, and building things that delight and surprise users. We think product design is everyone's job, as everything a customer sees is collectively the product of the company.

Highly Collaborative and Productive
We're a highly collaborative environment - we take pride in keeping everyone in the loop and maximizing efficiency. We don't have meetings, nor use internal email, since they're wasteful. We make sure no one has to tap us on the shoulder to ask what the latest is, because we're discussing ideas all the time, and it's just there. And we're wary of the differences between a team's productivity and our individual productivity, and optimize for the team being as effective as possible.

Obsessed about productivity ; Infinitely curious
As a company, we want to obsess about productivity and teamwork so customers don't have to. And we want to lead with infinite curiosity both about our field, as well as the work and field of our customers, so we can understand them better and build better solutions for them.

An Innovation-thinking company
We're happy to say we're not a Lean Startup. Instead, we use Design-thinking and Innovation-thinking to find out how to solve deep problems that no one has a good solution for. At every layer of our company, from how we think of features, to design, engineering, marketing, customer care, we want to lead with new ideas that are drastically better.

All perspectives matter
We try to hire people who would, together, have a diverse point of view. We think when people come together who look at things from complementary vantage points, newer and more amazing products are built. To enable this, we value people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, and value their viewpoints.

Built on TCHI
We want our relationships with customers to lead with Trust, Credibility, Humanity and Integrity as fundamental tenants.

Work from wherever, but work fast and get it done-done
We don't care where people work from, or which countries they're from. We hire talented, driven people, who want to have fun together, but work fast and hard, and make sure things aren't just done, they're done-done.

A family forever
People who work at CDF for a while become family. We're there for one another, lead with empathy and kindness, and figure out how to carry one another's weight. We're not just building a company. We're building memories together everyday.

At CDF Software, we're aiming to create a quantum leap forward for work - and we're always looking for great engineers, designers, QA and systems specialists to join our family. Join us - tell us about yourself and your interests by emailing work@cdfsoftware.com