Everything should be easier

Work software is stuck in a cycle of creating the same things again and again. The same todo apps, chat software, calendar software, etc.

And in recent years, they've only made it easier for people in teams to interrupt one another, depleting our focus, not giving us the space for our minds to create our best ideas, and do our best work.

This product category is in need for a substantial leap forward. One that creates a "10x better" future for how we work, how fast things can be done, how much the quality of our work improves, how much happier and comfortable and focused we feel.

We think that comes when the software we use adapts around how WE want to work rather than software that expects us to adapt around it.

The way to a substantial improvement in how we work comes form software and technology that augments the human mind, triggering the synaptic pathways of the mind to enable human beings to think faster. That more closely mimics real-life behavior of how we work in the real world. From ways of achieving greater cognitive clarity, having an innate sense of presence about where we are with regards to the big picture of work.

It comes from software designed for us, designed for how we work today, and designed to enable us to do our best work, together.

At CDF Software, we're aiming to create a quantum leap forward for work - one built with innovation-thinking, a team of people with product and productivity expertise, who obsess about productivity so you don't have to.

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